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Engine Auto Detailing

Unleash Power and Precision: Engine Auto Detailing for Peak Performance

  • 1 hour
  • Oldfield Road

Service Description

1. Cover and Protect: Shield the alternator and all electrical components within the engine bay to prevent any damage. 2. Degrease: Thoroughly eliminate grease and grime from the hood interior and engine bay, creating a clean canvas. 3. Scrubbing: Employ appropriate brushes to scrub the hood interior and engine bay, ensuring a deep and thorough clean. 4. Rinse: Conduct a comprehensive rinse to eliminate all cleaning agents and residue from the engine bay. 5. Air Blower: Utilize an air blower to dry the engine, preventing any water spots or streaks. 6. Rubber and Plastic Protection: Apply specialized protectants to rubber and plastic components, guarding against aging, cracking, and fading due to exposure to the elements. 7. Wax Application: Administer wax to painted areas within the engine bay, providing added protection and a glossy finish.

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  • Oldfield Road

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